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We offer a local service across Sunderland installing, servicing and repairing domestic and commercial gas, oil and LPG boilers and central heating systems. We offer competitive prices, with no compromise on quality.

Annually winter seems to be getting severe and house boilers are stretched to their limit. Whenever you need it the most, the boiler could break down - and usually in the Winter months!

You have probably noticed the ever increasing price of gas and oil in the UK - and unfortunately it has little chance of going back down - therefore you need to make sure your boiler is as efficient as possible. Regular boiler service and repairs will keep your home or office in Sunderland nice and warm, with out breaking the bank !

If your boiler is not maintained correctly it will not function at it's optimum. This may result in higher fuel consumption and therefore further inflate your bills. The boiler in your house is composed of a combination of moving components that help circulate heat and heat the water. Obviously, these parts are predisposed towards wear and tear. So take action! Regular servicing of your boiler makes sure you find the part and fix it before it results in a breakdown.

An additional reason why boiler repairs and servicing must be carried out by Gas Safe engineers is the risk to you and your family of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a quiet killer - it won't give you any side effects to alert you that there is a problem with your boiler.

Whenever want to check your plumber is completely registered check the GAS Safe Register. Gas Safe Registered plumbers know precisely what they're doing.  Property maintenance and gas Boiler Repair Sunderland / Boiler Service Sunderland / Boiler Installation Sunderland with Scott Brothers Heating Ltd ensures your boiler will work well and heat your home whenever you need it most.

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• Bishop Auckland
• Chester-le-Street
• Stanley
• Willington
• Crook
• Barnard Castle
• Teesdale
• Middlesbrough
• Stockton
• Teesside
• Tow Law
• Wolsingham
Esh Winning
• Sunderland

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We are more than happy to give advice and quotations on any gas, oil or LPG boiler installation, repair or service across Sunderland. If you need a boiler service or repair carrying out in the Sunderland area, we have engineers on hand to help you out. Our advice is free!

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