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If you need a Camarillo plumbing company, you need to be careful about who you hire. Unfortunately, the plumbing business can be sketchy if you don't know what to look for. The good news is that there are some great plumbing companies in Camarillo and throughout the state, but you have to look for us. Kenz Plumbing is one such reputable company. In a way, the plumbing industry is comparable to the auto mechanics industry. How?

First, there are a lot of bad plumbers out there, just like there are a lot of shady mechanics. Just like there are auto mechanics who do shoddy work and seem to make your car troubles even worse after they touched your vehicle, there are plumbers who operate just the same. Honestly, it might be riskier to hire a side job plumber than it is to hire a side job mechanic if for no other reason than you are bringing the plumber into your home.

A lot of unlicensed plumbers have criminal records, abuse drugs, and might even be registered sex offenders. We're not trying to scare you, but this is what you might get when you hire an unlicensed plumber to save a few dollars. A good rule of thumb to avoid these kinds of plumbers is to only hire licensed Camarillo plumbing companies. That's all you need to do to protect yourself. Right? Wrong.

While you probably don't have to worry as much about sex offenders, hardened criminals, and drug addicts entering your home when you hire a licensed plumbing company, that doesn't mean you won't get ripped off! Sticking with the comparison of shady plumbing companies versus shady mechanics, just think; there are a lot of licensed auto mechanics shops that will steal from you just as fast as the mechanic down the street will. The licensed ones are just a lot better at it!

Have you ever taken your vehicle to an auto mechanics shop or known someone who got sold a bunch of labor that they didn't need? You take the car in for Problem A, and before you know it, the mechanic is convincing you that you have to also fix Problem B, Problem C, and Problems X, Y, and Z! Then, to get a second opinion, you take your car to a mechanic who tells you that Problems B, C, X, Y, and Z don't exist, and you realize you were going to be ripped off by a licensed mechanic. Well, the same thing happens in the plumbing industry!

Let's say your water heater is only five years old and it's not getting the water hot all of a sudden. The average licensed plumbing company is going to tell you that you need to replace the heater. Now, let's say your sewer drains are clogged. The typical plumbing company isn't going to tell you that you just to snake it - a job that takes a few minutes. No, they're most likely going to tell you that you need to tear out your existing pipes and replace them with new pipes. Kenz Plumbing is a Camarillo plumbing company that will tell you like it is. Call us for an honest bid.

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