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Greywater System

Graywater is the water already used in the shower and sink, as well as wastewater from the kitchen, which, once filtered, is reused for flushing toilets and irrigation.

Greywater recycling saves drinking water and allows it to be used for human consumption.

Greywater recycling systems do not require a large investment. They should include the collection, filtering and storage of water from showers and sinks for use in tanks or cisterns, irrigation or car washing or outside the house.

The steps to design a water recycling system are as follows:

  1. Identify the substances needed to purify the water within the filtration process.
  2. Design a hydraulic system for the collection of domestic gray water and its storage method for later reuse.

The greywater recycling systems consist of independent pipes through which the greywater circulates until it reaches tanks, where the purification treatment is carried out.

Recycling equipment is installed in basements or attics. This equipment consists of pipe systems that bring the used water and deposit it in drums and other pipes that carry the recycled water to the toilet cisterns or to a hydrant.

A gray water recycling plant will consist of:

  • a drainage system
  • a collector well
  • water treatment
  • overflow pipe
  • treated water collection well
  • emergency potable water injection
  • drinking water piping system

Control System

The greywater recycling system consists of a collection, filtering and storage device.

Its function is to purify the water through filtering, disinfection and sterilization processes.

Water Purification

Water disinfection is achieved by adding chlorine, which eliminates bacteria, fungi, viruses, spores and algae in the water.


Filtration is carried out at the moment the water enters the tank. The larger particles are collected mechanically and expelled directly into the sewage system.

By means of a tank with 1/2 silica gravel, silica sand G-50, anthracite, the water is filtered and particles up to a size of 20 microns are removed.

To clean the tank, water must be added in the opposite direction to remove excess dirt.


On the way to the storage tank, the liquids are disinfected by means of an ultraviolet light to avoid residues and without altering the composition of the water.

In addition, if the recycled water required daily is greater than the stored water, the system allows the addition of potable water from the mains to guarantee the supply. There are individual plants and common plants with more than one user.

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Greywater System