Underfloor Heating

Wet Underfloor Heating

With Wet Underfloor Heating water is circulated through suitable polyethene barrier piping with separate circuits for different zones within the property. Zones are then connected to a manifold that has regulating valves and a thermostat, this means that different zones in the house can be heated to specified temperatures at different times and areas.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

The main benefit of underfloor heating is that you don't have radiators on display, which frees up wall space, creating a more spacious feel and it doesn't restrict where you place furniture.

It can be installed under almost every floor type, wood, tile and laminate making it ideal for refurbishment projects - it can even be laid on top of an existing floor and covered with tiles

Warm water Underfloor Heating is a highly efficient heating system – around 25% more efficient than radiators when paired with a modern condensing boiler and up to 40% more efficient when running from a heat pump. Because of this, running costs are often lower than a traditional radiator system and around a third of an equivalent electric UFH system.

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