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Retaining Wall Installation Woodbridge VA

When it comes to retaining wall installation in Woodbridge, it is important to make sure that you have a reputable contractor who is qualified to build and do the project. Contact Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape for professional retaining walls construction under the guidance of qualified engineers. We are a certified Allan Block installer, too. Visit our website for more information.  

Retaining walls don’t just prevent soil erosion. Installing a retaining wall can make a previously unusable piece of land more functional and steady. It may enable better irrigation, too. Retaining wall installation in Woodbridge must be performed following the inspection and approval by local authorities. Certain standards must be followed before you put up a retaining wall in your property. First, you need to remember that in most jurisdictions in Virginia, any retaining wall that is over two feet tall should have a permit to be built.
Most Virginia jurisdictions require tall retaining walls to be professionally engineered by a certified and licensed engineer or an engineering company. Following the rules will ensure the overall safety and durability of your retaining walls. Therefore, it makes sense to find a reputable landscaper that is qualified to build engineered retaining walls in Woodbridge.
Engineers carefully plan the retaining wall design and installation. Drawings must be provided for the approval and inspection of Woodbridge authorities to make sure that the retaining walls comply with local zoning laws. Hire a locally based landscaping company that has years of experience in retaining wall installation in Woodbridge to make sure that they know the local standards and laws for building retaining walls in your area.
Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape can help you with your retaining wall installation project. We are qualified to take on large jobs, like engineered retaining walls, as well as small and simple retaining walls for gardens and plant beds. Commonwealth Irrigation and Landscape is a certified Allan Block installer and we have access to the products of EP Henry and Eagle Bay in case you want more styles and colors in materials for your retaining walls.
Retaining Wall Installation Woodbridge VA
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