Wet Underfloor Heating

With Wet Underfloor Heating water is circulated through suitable polyethene barrier piping with separate circuits for different zones within the property. Zones are then connected to a manifold that has regulating valves and a thermostat, this means that different zones in the house can be heated to specified temperatures at different times and areas.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

The main benefit of underfloor heating is that you don't have radiators on display, which frees up wall space, creating a more spacious feel and it doesn't restrict where you place furniture.

It can be installed under almost every floor type, wood, tile and laminate making it ideal for refurbishment projects - it can even be laid on top of an existing floor and covered with tiles

Warm water Underfloor Heating is a highly efficient heating system – around 25% more efficient than radiators when paired with a modern condensing boiler and up to 40% more efficient when running from a heat pump. Because of this, running costs are often lower than a traditional radiator system and around a third of an equivalent electric UFH system.

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    General Plumbing, Maintenance & Repair

    The expert plumbing team at Scott Brothers Heating know the importance of quickly fixing and repairing your plumbing problem. Problems with your domestic plumbing can be very frustrating and a huge inconvenience to a working family.

    Our location is well suited to provide quick and efficient service to customers in the Newcastle, Gateshead, Chester-Le-Street, Sunderland, Durham, Stockton, Middlesbrough, Bishop Auckland, Barnard Castle and Teesdale areas. Whether you are experiencing a plumbing emergency or a planned upgrade or installation, we are happy and ready to help.

    We can help, whether you are looking to install an entirely new plumbing system in your home or you simply would like advice about the best shower head to install in your bathroom. No job is too big or too small.

    Contact Scott Brothers Heating today for a no obligation consultation.

    • Toilet & Ball Valve Repairs
    • Flushing Unit Repairs
    • Tap Replacements
    • Water Softeners
    • Blocked Pipe Repairs
    • Upgrade to quarter turn lever type taps
    • Water Tank Replacements
    • Hot Water Cylinder Replacements
    • Immersion Heater Repairs
    • Repair Leaking Pipes
    • Plumbing Emergencies


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        REquest Service

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        Bathroom installations & repairs

        Finding trustworthy plumbers to do the first fix and installation of your bathroom can be difficult. Scott Brothers Heating have their own team of experienced plumbers that can help you. We help our customers across the North East - from Northumberland to North Yorkshire and across from Teesdale to Teesside! We are a family run business for over 40 years and our customers are paramount to us.

        Upgrading your bathroom usually causes the most inconvenience to families and we are aware of this. Our plumbers will ensure your whole bathroom plumbing runs smoothly from start to finish in a prompt, reliable and friendly manner - to minimise your inconvenience. We work with other craftsmen in the area and we can co-ordinate installing your bathroom with them, for minimum interruption to you the customer.

        Of course, we don't just do bathroom installations, but we do repairs to your plumbing too!

        Plumbing is one of our core businesses regardless of whether we are changing a tap washer or refitting a bathroom you will still get the same high quality standard and experienced engineer.

        Our plumbing and heating engineers are fully qualified and experienced in all types of commercial and domestic plumbing.

        • Kitchen sink fitting
        • Installing ore repairing leaksin washing machines & dishwashers
        • Installing and plumbing in bathroom suites
        • Fitting & replacing taps and washers
        • Fitting and repairing toilets
        • Locating and fixing leaks & burst pipes
        • Burst or leaking pipes including frozen pipes
        • New plumbing installations
        • Moving and installing radiators
        • Fitting of chrome towel rails
        • Replacing ball valves and water tanks
        • Showers/Baths
        • Tanks fitted
        • Cisterns
        • Water mains
        • Outside taps installed